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                HyperTyper formats keywords to whatever your format is; whether indent, tab, underline, and more.



HyperTyper can be used with WordPerfect or Word.

Key Benefits

  • Formats Q&A.
  • Formats parentheticals.
  • Formats colloquy.
  • Punctuates.
  • Word expander.
  • Multi-formats.
  • Holds unlimited user profiles.

 Simply dictate into Dragon using keywords.  HyperTyper inserts usual punctuation, word expands, and formatting.  

                                                                               HyperTyper can change this:

direct direct cookie good morning stu good morning cookie do you find the HyperTyper easy to use stu absolutely sir spee two can we go off the record spee one of course offie offie cookie has Hypertyper saved you time stu yes ma'am I mean yes sir spee one I'd like to mark this exhibit 32 mark mark cookie I've just marked exhibit 1 cookie do you understand that also sir stu yes sir spee one that's all I have thank you

                                                                                               TO THIS:

                                                                                   DIRECT EXAMINATION
                                    Q.     Good morning.
                                    A.      Good morning.
                                    Q.     Do you find the HyperTyper easy to use?
                                    A.      Absolutely, sir.
                                                 MR. SMITH:  Can we go off the record.
                                                                (Off the record)
                                    Q.     Has HyperTyper saved you time?
                                    A.     Yes, ma'am.  I mean, yes, sir.
                                                 MR. SMITH:  I'd like to mark this exhibit 32.
                                                             (Whereupon, the below-described Document
                                                             was marked Plaintiff's Exhibit No. 32.)
                                    Q.     Do you understand that, also, sir?
                                    A.      Yes, sir.
                                                 MR. SMITH:  That's all I have.  Thank you.


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