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                                                                    WPM Expert

WPM Expert is not a web based program.  You own it to use over and over. 
                  A necessary tool to becoming a successful court reporter.

WPM Expert is a self testing court reporting tool designed to aid students in successfully passing the skills portion of the national certification process.

Students use their own equipment to take down the audio stenographically or verbatim, then transcribe it.  Text is easily pasted onto the WPM Expert screen.  When transcription is completed, click Submit.  Score, along with errors, will immediately be displayed.  Results can be printed and/or saved.  In addition, WPM Expert keeps a record of all test scores allowing improvement to be evaluated.  Another priceless feature is the option to count commas and semi-colons.

The student version of WPM Expert is only $99, containing 12 dictation speeds, Q&A, Jury Charge, and Literary.  Additional timed sessions are available for purchase in student version.
The school version of WPM Expert is only $600 School instructors may insert school-owned audio and text for testing.  Unlimited tests can be created, changed, or eliminated.  The flexibility is invaluable.  Students love WPM Expert because it allows the student to gauge their progress and identify areas that need to be improved.  Court reporter instructors highly value WPM Expert because of the clear, concise evaluation that enables the student to identify problem areas and improve accordingly.


Both versions allow unlimited users.
Support included.
No yearly fee.

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