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A must for court reporters and captioners


VoiceKey is a must for voice reporters AND electronic reporters.  No more having to speak keywords or common phrases or long drawn out colloquy.   One keystroke generates what you prerecorded.  You can finally take a breath!!

A technological breakthrough was released by VocEdit, Inc.  The software developed by VocEdit, VoiceKey, replaces repetitive spoken language with the pressing of an assigned key.  Reporters do not have to say or repeat keywords for Q and A or other repetitive speech, such as colloquy or jury charges, that are repetitive verbatim during hearings or depositions.

Not having to repeat keywords or phrases that are common? Is this a reporter’s dream? With VoiceKey you can pre-record your own personal phrases and keywords for future use. A simple keystroke enables you the ability to have the same voice structure each time. Phrases that are common, such as “is that correct” or “is that right” can now be played automatically.  Breaths can now be taken when the computer is speaking for you. This is a breakthrough that only could have been dreamt of. You won’t want to be without this software.  Life is made simpler.

Assign a key on your keyboard to a common phrase.  When the common phrase or keyword needs to be spoken strike the assigned key. It’s amazing. You will love it.  If you have long phrases that are commonly spoken, no problem. There is no limit to the amount of words that can be spoken and stored as a keystroke. Even exhibits being marked or off the records can now all be pre-recorded. No need to speak a word.

When the reporter goes back to train, you will actually hear your words being spoken. Even when you proofread you will hear your voice dictating the keywords or phrases as if you spoke them at the time you took the record.

VoiceKey was designed for a computerized system.  Whether you use IBM or Dragon NaturallySpeaking, VoiceKey can be programmed with your voice. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Officials, freelancers and capitioners can benefit from VoiceKey. 

Price:  $300

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