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DocketScribe is an all inclusive scheduling, invoicing, and accounting software designed specifically for court reporters and court reporting agencies.  Reminders can be set for confirming scheduled jobs, return of errata sheets and transcripts.  All accounting features are contained within DocketScribe for keeping track of accounts payable and receivable, reporter and transcriptionist fees, and checkbook tracking. 

Key Benefits

  •   Create invoices with automatic numbering.

  •   Multi-style or single-style re-invoicing.

  •   Personalize your clients, reporters, and transcriptionists.

  •   Calculates and keeps track of payments made and due reporters.

  •   Email job details and caption to reporters.

  •   Complete summary, payment, income, and expense reports.

  •   Detailed transaction summaries.

  •   Date and date range for summaries.

  •   Transcript and caption attaches to calendar for instant referral.

  •   Alarms for confirmations, errata return, and more.

  •   Daily calendars.

  •   Individualized accounting for all clients.

  •   Individualized accounting for all reporters.

  •   Individualized accounting for all transcriptionists.

  •   Keeps track of all expenses.

  •   Job details by date, client, reporter.

  •   Job reports with filters.

  •   Financial report queries.

  •   Backup system.

  •   Restore points.

  •   Calendar uploads to Google and Outlook. 

  •   Reporter Progress Reports.

  •   Color code schedule.   

  •   Tracks networking funds.

Pricing:  $299  (Multi-license discount available)

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