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                                 RapidVoice Xtreme
                             For the Xtreme User
        Affordable Real-Time with Xtreme Features

All reporters should have affordable real-time and not held hostage to outrageous pricing. 

VocEdit prides itself on developing the highest quality software at affordable prices because VocEdit consists of court reporters working for court reporters.

VocEdit has developed an Xtreme real-time software package that does just

that, allows for the affordability of an Xtreme real-time.

  •   Adjustable Font Sizes.
  •   Page and Line Information.
  •   Center, Bold, Indent, Underline, Tab, Italics.
  •   Changeable Hot Keys.
  •   Print, Find, Replace.
  •   Notes Enter Primary System and are linked to audio for ease of playback.
  •   Vocabulary Editor.
  •   Self-Transcribes.
  •   Notes Save and are viewed in Xtreme Player.
  •   Records 1 to 4 channels.
  •   Inserts into Word or WordPerfect.
  •   Train within Xtreme Technology.
  •   Playback from Text or Notes.
  •   Play live or mask.
  •   Xtreme Player Included.

Affordable Price of $1,600

Does not include Dragon, microphones or interface.

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