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                                          XTREME PLAYER

                                                     Plays up to 8 Channels


Xtreme Player is an audio software developed to play a variety of different formats.  Users can control playback with the use of a foot pedal or setting hot keys of choice.  Toggle between all channels without taking fingers off the keyboard.  Light notification of playing channel of channels.  If Xtreme Real-time is used with notes, Notes can be accessed with a featured toggle of notes drop down in which notes are linked with audio.


                  When minimized, simply drag to desired location.


                                                                            Above displays 8 Channels


                                                                            Above displays 4 Channels

  • Variable Playback Speeds. 
  • Slide Bar to Access Desired Audio.  
  • Hot key Toggles Channels.
  • Foot Pedal Enabled.
  • Plays Variety of Audio Formats.
  • Backtracks to User Preference.
  • Channel View When Minimized.
  • Retains Audio Position.
  • Volume Control.
  • Clear and Crisp. 
  • Plays Maximum of 8 Channels.
  • Hot key for Notes (When RapidVoice Xtreme Used to Record).

                The only Xtreme Player needed.
                 Notes Linked to Audio for Ease of Access when RapidVoice Xtreme Used to Record.


Price:  $35

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