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                                 RapidVoice Elite Petite
                                              RapidScribe Included

                     A Technological Breakthrough!
RapidVoice Elite Petite formats without the use of speech
 by attaching selected formatting to a selected keystroke

Reporters, Transcriptionists, and Electronic Reporters should have the
benefit of affordable, easy to use programs and not be held hostage to
outrageous pricing.

VocEdit prides itself on developing the highest quality software at affordable prices.

VocEdit has developed a software package that does just that, allows for the affordability
of generating the transcript for those that transcribe from audio. Increasing productivity
increases cash flow.
  •   Adjustable Font Sizes.
  •   Page Information.
  •   Exports to Word or WordPerfect
  •   Center, Bold, Underline, Tab, Italics.
  •   Hot Keys.
  •   Print, Find, Replace.
  •   Includes RapidScribe including Multiple Databases.
  •   Red caret for locating cursor easily.
  •   Lines and Numbers.
  •   Surpasses the functionality of QuickCorrect. 
  •   Vocabulary Editor.
  •   Assign pages of jury charge to one keystroke.
  •   Multiple Databases for clients.
  •   Audio Wizard.

In the video demonstration below, only a few features were demonstrated.

Unlimited pages can be inserted with a keystroke, for example, a jury charge

which can be pages in length.

              Click Here to Download Video and View Demonstration

Affordable Price of $400 (RapidScribe included is a $149 savings)

RapidVoice Elite does not include Dragon

Multi-Unit Discounts

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