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2-Channel Reporter


VocEdit Reporter as an easy to use, dependable 2-channel software system that you can depend on.  Take notes that are linked to the audio.  Click a specific note and the system starts playing back at that point.  Great for read-backs for areas of testimony and keeping track of spellings.  All inclusive software system.  No needs for notepads.  When you write a DVD or CD, everything stays in one place.  VocEdit software never overwrites recorded audio.  This is a must have.  USB activated.

Key Benefits

  • Crisp, clear recording.
  • Notes are links to audio.
  • Readbacks made simple.
  • Two microphones.
  • Sound interface.
  • USB cord.
  • VPlayer included.
  • Easy access to desired spellings.
  • Variable playback speeds.
  • Post-transcribes into Dragon.
  • Informative screen.
  • Never overwrites audio.
  • VPlayer included in purchase.

                          PRICE:  $1,295

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