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XpresSnip excerpts a desired portion of audio.  Perfect for the transcriptionist or reporter that needs to record a small section of audio to email to a helper to listen to.  If a judge or attorney wants to hear a section of audio, XpresSnip does the trick.  XpresSnip can be used to record songs, also.  XpresSnip records any audio your laptop plays.  Click start to begin and stop to end recording.  XpresSnip is also made for your cell phone and records both sides of a conversation.  That product can be ordered from Google PlayStore to work on a Droid.  


Ever get stuck on that one phrase, that one word that a doctor, attorney or witness said and you just can't make it out?  XpresSnip it and email it for someone else to listen to.  You will LOVE XpresSnip.  


               PRICE:  $18  

                          Email info@vocedit.com to order

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