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                                                              The ASCII Perfecter


The Line-Lion allows your Word and WordPerfect ASCII the ability to double space line numbers while achieving single spaced text.  Whether 24, 25, even 32 line numbers, whatever you need, Line-Lion is the Lion of numbering.   Transcripts double spaced on the first, second and ending pages have little appeal and not enough room for text with double spaced lines, but with Line-Lion, you can single space text easily with double spaced numbers.  When your agency wants an ASCII with line numbers on all pages, you can accomplish your desired look with Line-Lion.


         Line-Lion can turn this single and double spaced ASCII with crazy line numbering
into a single and double spaced ASCII with appeal.      


Perfectly double spaced line numbers with single spaced lines of text.   Line-Lion can be used on the first pages and last pages to line number the single spaces text with double spaced.  Make it easy and make it right. 


Price $25.00

Agency price available upon request.

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