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No more hurting ears from over-the-head headphones with boom!!


V-Mic allows the transcriptionist or reporter to utilize comfortable earphones or earbuds of choice while dictating into a nonintrusive, lightweight microphone that sits comfortably over your head and rests on your chest.

The lightweight V-Mic plugs into your computer mic or line-in jack.  Listen to audio through comfy earphones of your choice.  Because the V-Mic is a separate unit from the headphone, your audio will be cleaner and your voice will be crystal clear for use with your speech engine. 

Wearing a one-piece headphone with boom can become painful because the headphones begin to tighten and put pressure on your cute little ears.  Even wearing glasses can become uncomfortable with the old fashion headphone with boom.  Enjoy redictating with the V-Mic.   


 V-Mic Solves The Problem!!


PRICE:  $85.00

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