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                                                     Uses Foot Pedal or Hotkeys


VPlayer is a media player developed to play a variety of different audio formats with no conversions required.  Users can control playback with the use of a foot pedal or setting hotkeys of choice.   Toggling between channels without taking fingers off the keyboard.


                  When minimized, simply drag to desired location.

                                                         min vplayer

                                                        CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD DEMONSTRATION


  • Variable playback speeds. 
  • Slide bar to access desired audio.  
  • Hotkey for toggling between channels.
  • Foot pedal enabled.
  • Plays a variety of different audio formats with no conversion required.
  • Backtracks on each play to user setting.

                This is a media player you won't want to be without. 


Price:  $25

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